_MG_8211 maleSebastian Koziołek, PhD

Dr. Sebastian Koziolek is a faculty in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland. Presently, he is an Associate Professor in Department of Machine Design and Research working in the area of inventive engineering. His present research is focused on the development of a new method for building a formal design representation space and a new inventive design method incorporating elements of various heuristics methods and the principles of big thinkers such as Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Genrich Altschuller, and others.

Dr. Koziolek is a global scholar of Stanford University, George Mason University and the University of Sydney in the area of Inventive Engineering as applied to complex mechanical engineering problems. Dr. Koziołek has published over 60 scientific articles, and participated in 85 sponsored research projects.

Professor Koziolek’s current research and teaching interests are:

  • Inventive Design and Engineering Creativity
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial, Biological, and Computer Engineering
  • Knowledge Acquisition, International Networking and Cooperation
  • Quality Assessment and Management

_MG_8223 maleMateusz Słupiński, PhD

Research and development engineer. Over 10y experience in problem solving methods application e.g. TRIZ, Systems Dynamics. Five years experience in forecasting methodologies as a support for decision-making.

Professional experience at home appliances manufacturing company, metal hardware manufacturing and plastics injection molding. Expertise extended into water resources management in buildings and piping systems. Managed funded research and development projects. Certified project manager. International work experience.


_MG_8236 maleMateusz Ptak,PhD

Mariusz Ptak is a Mechanical Engineer (Assistant Professor) at Politechnika Wrocławska with many years’ experience in Computer-aided Design/Engineering (CAD/CAE), finite element/multibody simulations of real world problems in nonlinear dynamics with emphases on pedestrian and cyclist safety, vehicle crashworthiness, ballistic impact, injury biomechanics. Holds an applied patent for the pedestrian protection system mounted on a SUV’s front-end. A laureate of “Top 500 Innovators” program at Stanford University, where he took his first steps in Design Thinking at the heart of Silicon Valley. Also an IPMA Certified Project Management Associate. He started his adventure with TRIZ 11 years ago in the UK through developing an engine system for a bachelor thesis project. Prior to working in academia, Mariusz enjoyed a career as a mechanical designer in various industries.

Marek Mysior, MSc, Eng_MG_8256 male

Marek Mysior is a PhD student in Department of Machine Design and Research, faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland. He holds a master degree in mechanical engineering and is specialized in machine design. He belongs to organizing committee of the TRIZ Future 2016. Awarded with the scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. In 2015 he obtained a title of the 3rd best graduate of the engineering degree at the Mechanical Faculty at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. He is a co-author of 4 patents and an active research engineer having contribution to the following projects:

  • Innovative technological process of organic waste conversion into novel, high quality solid fuel
  • LIDER: Mobile gas supply station for treated and compressed biogas
  • Therm – Innovative spray insulation system for bulidings
  • International Aventics Pneumobil Competition
  • Forecast and Roadmapping for Manufacturing Technologies FORMAT

Damian Derlukiewicz, PhD_MG_8271 male

Vice Director of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information, Strategic Objective Leader of WUST “Development Laboratories in the Field of Competence (Priority) Specialization, Advanced Technology of Recommendation for their accreditation.” Since 2006, the doctor of technical sciences in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He is a specialist in the design of machines and equipment, new technical solutions and CAD numerical modeling using advanced numerical methods which is the Finite Element Method. He is the author of about 120 scientific and research works including national and international publications, and works for the industry related to the design of machines and devices, strength calculations and optimization of machines and especially innovative and creative design using innovative design methods, ie., “Design Thinking” .

He is a laureate of programme “Innovation Brokers”, organized by the Ministry of Higher Education where he is a Broker of Innovation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Wrocław University of Science and technology. Laureate of a prestigious scholarship program “Top 500 Innovators”, Stanford University, California, USA. Member of the Board and a representative of the University in the platform at the European Parliament “Knowledge 4 Innovation – K4I”.